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Wildlife Heritage One

Laura Quiggan talks to Staff at the 'Wildlife Heritage Foundation' in Kent about the Charity's role in the European endangered species breeding programme-where big cats begat!

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Wildlife Heritage Two

Cat World visits the 'Wildlife Heritage Foundation' in Ashford, Kent. Where endangered Big Cat species are the protected residents.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Famous Feline

You'll recognise this handsome fellow. Say, 'Hell-lo' to Lazzyrus, as we chat to owner Chrissy Russell about the Chocolate Burmese and his rise to fame as the Iam's cat.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Making History

What does it take to establish a new pedigree breed in the UK? Chrissy Russell and Tina Turner champion the cause of a rare Thai cat that is fast disappearing Khao Manee.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Khao Manee

It be hardly even heard of in the UK, but the Khao Manee is Thailand's fourth oldest natural cat breed and is gaining popularity in Europe and the USA. Find out more about this adorable 'white gem'.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Breed Profile: Norwegian Forest Cat

Laura sits down with Sam and Anne Harper to discuss what makes the Norwegian Forest Cat different from other breeds of cat.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

New Kittens

Laura Quiggan provides information on preparing for kittens. Some easy checks and helpful advice before you take yours home.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Telscombe Cattery

Laura Quiggan visits the Telscombe Cattery of the Sussex coast and views how the residents are catered for while their owners are away.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Ask the Vet: Ill or Old

Rachel Morris gives tips and advice on telling whether your cat is feeling under the weather or just getting old.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Ask the Vet: Senior Cat Care

Vet, Rachel Morris highlights the signs of changes in health to your cat when they are entering their mature years. Recognise what has changed and what you can do to help them.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Looking after Golden Oldies

Mature cats are 'golden oldies' that deserve extra special care and attention. Inga suggests simple ways in which we can adapt our home to help them.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Ask the Vet: A Balanced Diet

Good nutrition and a balanced diet is essential for cats to be happy and healthy. Head Nurse, Marie Davey makes the point palatable.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Burmese Cats

If you want your cat to be an active member of the household then get yourself a Burmese. Laura Quiggan visited the the Lavinshy Cattery to meet this interactive breed.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Ask the Vet: Obesity

Marie Davey explains the problems with obesity in cats and how to avoid them, what to look out for and the reasons behind it.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Ask the Vet: Kitten Care

Rachel Morris explains the best ways to look after you new kitten, with tips and advice ranging from illnesses to food and drink.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Feline Chiropractic Care

Whether through age or injury, cats can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. No ordinary chiropractor will do of course, you need one qualified in animal specific treatments...

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful experience for people and pets. Laura Quiggan opens the doors to her new home with top tips for a stress-free move.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Inappropriate Toileting

Inga MacKellar talks about the awkward topic of inappropriate toileting and when the matter is medical rather than a behavioural upset.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

Appeal to Viewers

Want to make your cat a star? We want to feature all pedigree cat breeds right here. Laura explains how you can take part.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

British Shorthair

We look at this most popular of breeds - the British Shorthair, but why is this breed quite so popular? Windjammer Cattery chat to Laura Quiggan about this great all-rounder.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan  

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